Fusion Powerplant Series Subwoofers
PowerPlant subwoofer cones are crafted from a perpendicular woven fibre composite providing unprecedented cone control and extremely accurate and efficient musical reproduction. Edge-wound copper coated aluminium dual voice coils are another hallmark of PowerPlant subwoofers, this technology is normally utilised to create high-power, outdoor, PA systems that produce huge sound. The double stacked magnet structure is produced from sensitive high-grade magnetic material allowing increased output while minimising magnet size



Fusion Powerplant 12" Subwoofer 1.200Watt

Fusion PP-SW120 12" (30cm) PowerPlant Subwoofer


Piekvermogen : 1.200Watt


: 500Watt

Freq. bereik

: 25Hz - 2.5kHz
Weerstand : 2x 2 Ohm
Gevoeligheid : 90dB
Inbouwdiepte : 167mm









Fusion PP-SW120 Subwoofer 30cm 1.200Watt


Fusion Powerplant 15" Subwoofer 1.500Watt

Fusion PP-SW150 15" (38cm) PowerPlant Subwoofer


Piekvermogen : 1.500Watt


: 625Watt

Freq. bereik

: 20Hz - 1.5kHz
Weerstand : 2x 2 Ohm
Gevoeligheid : 91dB
Inbouwdiepte : 181mm









Fusion PP-SW150 Subwoofer 38cm 1.500Watt